Event Management System Feed http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/rsshome.aspx Events listing from NCC Library Venue if you want change current month or year, please specify the month/year arguments in query string. copyright Titanic: Honour and Glory <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />Titanic has become the most famous ocean liner in the world: from her conception to her premature demise, the Titanic legend continues. With this exciting touring exhibition we explore this famous ship, her sister ships and their owners, the White Star Line, as well as revealing the local links of some of its passengers. Titanic: Honour & Glory is a must for all ages fascinated by this endlessly compelling story.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3580 On Board the Titanic Trail <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />You are a passenger boarding this 'ship of dreams'. Discover what life was like on board and meet some of the famous characters until disaster strikes! Trail available daily 10am-4.30pm from 1 April to 24 September 2017 as part of Titanic: Honour & Glory exhibition on show on the same dates. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3584 Oh, What a Picture! <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 10:00 - 17:00 <br /> <br />See Gressenhall in a whole new way and discover more about the history of photography. Picture frames have appeared in the most unusual locations, all around the museum and farm – can you find them all and get involved with the activities?<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3837 Pirates and Seafarers <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 10:30 - 15:30 <br /> <br />Join us for a summer of nautical fun. Navigate around deep sea monsters and desert islands, snap a seafaring selfie, make your own knotty sailor wristband,create a decoration for the admiral's hat, and more. Activities and times may vary. Please note that these activities are Monday to Saturday only.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3853 Cecil Aldin - The Art of Black Beauty <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> None - None <br /> <br />An exhibition of beautiful watercolours by Cecil Aldin who was commissioned by Jarrold & Sons to illustrate the 1912 edition of Anna Sewell’s much loved classic novel. Thirteen paintings depict scenes from the book, and have rarely been exhibited. The exhibition is free with museum admission and throughout the school summer holidays there are family activities. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3824 Seaside Family Fun Day! <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 11:00 - 16:00 <br /> <br />Ooooh..... I do like to be beside the seaside! Come and enjoy a classic seaside fun day. Watch a traditional Punch & Judy show, have your face painted and create souvenirs of your day.<br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3812 Free days from the Norwich Freemen <br /> 26 July 2017<br /> 10:00 - 16:30 <br /> <br />Explore the museum for FREE today. To mark their 700th anniversary the Norwich Freemen are supporting two weeks of free entry to our museum. 25th July until 5th August. <br /> http://events.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/public_events.aspx?id=3825